Rental Criteria

J.L. Woode Management Company, LLC ("J.L. Woode") supports The Fair Housing Act as amended, prohibiting discrimination in housing based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, or familial status as well as Article II of the Cook County Human Rights Ordinance, which prohibits discrimination based on the above factors as well as sexual orientation, military discharge, source of income, gender identity or housing status.  The Cook County Commission on Human Rights is located at 69 W. Washington, Suite 3040, Chicago, IL 60602, (312) 603-1100 and can be found online at  The following qualification standards will be required from every prospective resident.

J.L. Woode engages in a two-step application process to evaluate prospective residents:

Step 1: Pre-Qualification

J.L. Woode considers the following factors in reviewing a prospective resident's application:

Rental Application:  To be completed by every applicant and occupant eighteen years of age and over who will be occupying the apartments without falsifications.  Valid, Current State or U.S. Government issued picture identification is required.  This includes a state issued Driver's License or State identification card.  Management reserves the right to discontinue the verification process of an application once negative and/or derogatory information is found.

In order to help us complete your application in a timely manner, we ask that you fill out the application as completely as possible.  There should be no lines left blank.  If a line does not apply, please fill it in with N/A.  If you need provide us with more information, please do so within 24 hours.  Be sure to sign the application and date it where indicated.  The lease does not become effective until the application is approved by Management.

Occupancy Standard:  TWO PERSON (2) MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY PER BEDROOM (unless otherwise dictated by state or federal law)

Availability Policy:  Apartments become available to prelease when the current resident submits a written notice to vacate.  Once an apartment becomes vacant, it will be held for a maximum of 10 days from time of application; provided however that, in the case of an applicant whose criminal background check reveals a criminal conviction, which the applicant disputes, as set forth below, the apartment will be held for a maximum of up to 15 days from the time of application.

Age Requirement:  Lease Holder(s) must be 18 years or older.  All occupants 18 years or older will be required to complete an application (even if living with parent or guardian).

Income Requirement:  The gross monthly income of all lease holder(s) will be considered jointly, and must equal a minimum three (3) times the rental amount on the apartment.  All income must be verifiable.

Employment Verification:  Lease Holder(s) must have stable and verifiable employment or, if unemployed or retired, will be considered self-employed and must meet the guidelines for self employment.

Self Employment:  Must provide the previous year's personal income tax return (form 1040) and the previous two (2) months personal bank statements as evidence of sufficient income. Uncertified self-prepared income tax returns will not be accepted.  Persons who hold jobs that are commission only, base salary plus commission, tips, or bonuses will be considered self-employed.  Investment accounts can be utilized to qualify, you will be required to provide a current statement and statement from six (6) months prior to application date, the average balance must be a minimum of one (1) year's salary for meeting the income requirement.

Rental History:  Minimum one (1) year rental history will be reviewed and must exhibit no derogatory references. Any debt owed to an apartment community must be paid before an application can be approved. First-time renters/non-verifiable rental history may be accepted with a surety bond.

Credit Requirements:  The credit history will be reviewed.  Good credit standing is essential.

Animals:  All animals are subject to management approval and community policy.

No-Smoking Policy:  To protect the health of our residents, our staff and guests the building is a smoke-free community.

I understand it is my responsibility to provide all necessary documents stating income, prior landlord information including phone numbers and any other information to management within 24-hours from date of application so that the application may be processed. Failure to provide information within 24-hours may result in the apartment being put back on the market and being rented to someone else.

Credit review Fee/Holding Fee:  A $60 non-refundable credit review fee is required per application.  This should be in a separate check than the $450 holding fee. I understand the holding fee of $450 is due at the time of application to hold the apartment. If my application is accepted, I understand this fee will be applied as the administrative fee, which is non-refundable and agree to execute management's usual rental agreement on or before the occupancy date set forth in this application. I understand I may cancel this application within 72-hours of the time of application and receive a full refund of $450. If for any reason management declines my application, management will refund this holding fee to me in full. If I cancel after 72-hours from the time of application, fail to execute management's rental agreement, or refuse to occupy the premises on the agreed upon date, I understand this holding fee will be forfeited. I understand it is my responsibility to provide all necessary documents stating income, prior landlord information including phone numbers and any other information to management within 24-hours from date of application so that the application may be processed. Failure to provide information within 24-hours may result in the apartment being put back on the market and being rented to someone elseIf you do not meet one or more of the above criteria, you may be able to qualify for an apartment with a surety bond or third party guarantor. The guarantor must pass the same application and screening process that you must pass, except guarantors' gross monthly income must equal a minimum five (5) times the rental amount. Guarantors must reside in the United States and have the lease guaranty paperwork notarized.

A Guarantor may only be used in the case of income qualifying.

Step 2: Criminal Background Check

J.L. Woode will notify applicants that they have satisfied the requirements of the Step 1 screening process.  If an applicant satisfies the requirements of Step 1, J.L. Woode will obtain a criminal background check on the applicant.  Within five days of its receipt of the background check J.L. Woode will deliver a copy of the background check to applicant's e-mail address provided on application.

J.L. Woode will deny a prospective resident's application if the criminal background check reveals the following:  (i) the applicant is registered as a sex offender under the Sex Offender Registration Act (or similar law in another jurisdiction; or (ii) the applicant has a current child sex offender residency restriction

If the criminal background check reveals a criminal conviction (other than the sex offender offenses listed above) within the prior three years, a prospective resident shall have an additional five days to produce evidence that disputes the accuracy or relevance of information related to those criminal convictions from the prior three years. 

Individualized Assessment of Criminal History:  J.L. Woode will deny a prospective resident's application if the criminal background check and any additional evidence provided by the applicant which disputes the accuracy or relevance of information related to any criminal conviction within the previous three years reveals that the applicant poses a demonstrable risk to the personal safety and/or property of others.   In determining whether the applicant poses a demonstrable risk to others, J.L. Woode will conduct an individualized assessment of the applicant's criminal history within the previous three years and provide applicant with a written decision to the e-mail address above, either approving or denying the application within three business days of receipt of information from the applicant disputing or rebutting the information contained in the background check.  The assessment will consider the following factors:

(1) The nature and severity of the criminal offense and how recently it occurred; (2) The nature of the sentencing; (3) The number of the applicant's criminal convictions; (4) The length of time that has passed since the applicant's most recent conviction; (5) The age of the individual at the time the criminal offense occurred; (6) Evidence of rehabilitation; (7) The individual history as a tenant before and/or after the conviction; (8) Whether the criminal conviction(s) was related to or a product of the applicant's disability; and (9) If the applicant is a person with a disability, whether any reasonable accommodation could be provided to ameliorate any purported demonstrable risk.

I understand and accept these qualifying standards, and have truthfully answered all questions, further, I understand that falsification of rental application information will lead to denial of rental.  The rental criteria are guidelines, which enable us to accept as prospective residents those individuals who are creditworthy and do not have a disqualifying criminal background.  This rental criteria does not ensure that all individuals residing in or visiting the community conform to these guidelines.

Privacy Policy

J.L. Woode provides this Privacy Policy to inform users about our policies and procedures regarding the collection, use, security, and disclosure of personally identifiable information received from all rental applicants of Hawthorne House.  Please keep in mind that your application to rent at Hawthorne House means that you accept and agree to our Privacy Policy. Please do not apply to rent at Hawthorne House if you do not accept our Privacy Policy.

How we use your information

J.L. Woode uses information you provide for the purpose of reviewing your credit history, prior rental history and to conduct criminal background checks.  With the foregoing exceptions, we will not disclose, sell or rent any of your identifiable personal information to any third party unless approved by you or required by law.


We will not use or share the personally identifiable information provided to us in ways unrelated to the ones described above without first letting you know and offering you a choice. Your permission is always secured first should we ever share your information with third parties that are not acting on our behalf or governed by our Privacy Policy.

Our commitment to children's privacy

We do not seek to collect or maintain information from those we know are under 18.